The Birdsboro Municipal Authority (“Authority”) is a body corporate and politic, duly organized by the Council of the Borough of Birdsboro, Pennsylvania (the “Borough”), under the former Municipality Authorities Act of 1945, repealed by Act 2001, June 19, P.L.287, No. 22,§3, now known as the “Municipality Authorities Act,” Act 2001, June 19, P.L.287, No. 22, § 4, 53 Pa. C.S.A. § 5601 et seq.  As such, the Authority is a local agency for purposes of the recent amendments to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law, 65P.S.§ 66.1 et al.

All local agencies shall provide public records in accordance with the Right-to-Know Law.  Therefore, any record in the possession of the Authority shall be presumed to be a public record, except in the following circumstances:

  1. The record is exempt under Section 708 of the Right-to-Know Law;
  2. The record is protected by the attorney-work product doctrine, the attorney-client privilege, or other privilege recognized by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (i.e., statute or case law); or
  3. The record is exempt from disclosure under any other federal or state law or regulation, or judicial order or decree.

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