The Tapping Fee for each Residential User shall be:

  • Nine Hundred Seventy Five Dollars ($975.00)

The estimated daily use Tapping Fee for each non domestic/industrial user shall be:

  • Six Dollars ($6.00) per gallon of estimated daily flow.

 Connection Fee

The Connection Fee for installation of a Water Service from the Authority water line to the Improved Property curb line, or if there is no curb line, to the property line or easement line shall be:

  • the actual cost paid by the Authority for construction of said Water Service, including all services, materials, equipment, labor, transportation, construction equipment and machinery, tools, appliances, fuel, power, and all other incidentals necessary for the performance and completion of the work, plus 10% of this amount for overhead.

Permit Fee

The Permit Fee to cover the Authority’s administrative cost of issuing a permit for connection to the Water System shall be as follows:

  • Thirty Dollars ($30.00)

Inspection Fee

The Inspection Fee to cover the Authority’s cost of inspecting, witnessing the testing of, and approving the Water Service upon completion of construction shall be:

  • Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00)

If a re-inspection of the Water Service is required due to a failure of passing the initial test, the re-inspection fee shall be paid directly to the Authority Inspector at the approved hourly rate for the actual time required.