It has come to our attention that a letter from American Water with regard to meter replacement was erroneously delivered to some Birdsboro Municipal Authority (BMA) customers. We checked with American Water and confirmed that it was an honest mistake, and not a scam. If you are a BMA customer, do not call National Metering Services for a meter replacement.

Why Did My Water Have a Musty Smell/Taste For a Few Weeks?
In mid-July, the Authority switched water sources from the Indian Run Dam to the Hay Creek to determine if it could be used as an alternate water source in case of a catastrophe. A large amount of organic matter (algae) accumulated in Indian Run while it was dormant. While the organic matter was filtered out by the plant membrane, the residual odor/taste passed through. All testing showed that this odor/taste, while unappealing, did not pose any danger to the consumer.

Our operators and engineers predict that the colder weather will stop the growth of algae, and the bad odor/taste will end. Approximately a year ago, the Authority applied for a permit to add a coagulating agent to the water that will prevent this residue from passing through the membrane, but the application is still going through DEP's permitting procedure.

2018 "Quality on Tap" Consumer Confidence Report